How to Eat a Girl Out – The Ultimate Guide

This guide will show you how to eat a girl out like an expert!

Some people think that they know everything about eating girls out, but it’s not so easy. That is why this guide will show you how to properly eat a girl out, the best way to eat a girl out, how to make her scream and much more.

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What is eating a girl out?

The simple answer is, it’s when someone licks, kisses, and sucks on a girl's vulva, also now as Cunnilingus, but there is so much more to it than that! For starters, it can be an incredibly intimate and pleasurable experience for both partners. Eating out a girl can also be a great way to get your partner aroused and ready for penetrative sex. And, of course, it can also be a lot of fun!

According to Urban Dictionary, eating out a woman is:

"the process of a guy using his tongue and lips to stimulate a girl's clitoris and vulva in order to bring her to orgasm."

Some say It's just making out with a girl's vagina! Well, no it’s more than that! eating a girl out properly isn’t as easy as it sounds. Just ask any guy who's ever tried it. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Except the needle is usually wet and you're usually not looking for it. But when you do find it, it's amazing.

If you're curious about what eating a girl out entails and how to do it properly, read on for everything you need to know plus useful tips, products and services designed to make your eating out experience incredible!

What are the benefits of eating a girl out?

It's no secret that girls love getting eaten out. The feeling of someone's tongue and lips on their most sensitive areas is incredibly pleasurable, and it can often lead to some of the strongest orgasms she’ll ever experience. But did you know that there are also some benefits to eating a girl out.

Here are a few reasons why you should make your next move down south:

  1. It gets her aroused: When you stimulate her clitoris with your tongue, it'll start getting her aroused and ready for sex.

  2. It helps her lubricate: Oral sex helps to get a woman's juices flowing, which will make sex more enjoyable for both of you.

  3. It makes her orgasm stronger: Because the clitoris is more exposed during oral sex, it can lead to stronger and more intense orgasms for her.

  4. It's a great way to start foreplay: Giving your partner some oral attention before moving on to other activities is a great way to get things started. It'll help her get in the mood and get her body ready for what's to come.

  5. It's fun!: Let's face it, giving someone oral sex can be enjoyable for both parties involved. So go ahead and enjoy yourself while you're at it!

Where most guys go wrong when eating a girl out

Where most guys go wrong when eating a girl out is that they think it's all about the tongue. They think that the key to making her scream is to use their tongue as much as possible and to move it around as fast as they can. But that's not what girls want.

Girls want you to use your tongue to tease them. To slowly lick their clit and then move away just when they're about to come. To circle their areola with your tongue and then move on to something else. It's all about the teasing. And, of course, keeping things wet.

If your mouth gets dry, take a break, and have a drink of water. No one wants to be eaten out by a sand viper!

Here are the The Tab's 19 biggest mistakes to make when eating a girl out:

  1. Not using fingers at any point

  2. Just licking up and down, like a robot

  3. Constantly asking “are you nearly there”

  4. Not listening to her body language

  5. Commenting on the appearance of her vagina negatively

  6. Licking at 100mph

  7. Not knowing where the clit is

  8. Only paying the clit attention

  9. Going down on a girl for 30 seconds and thinking that’s enough

  10. Refusing to give up when clearly, climax isn’t happening

  11. Not taking direction

  12. Having an entire conversation while you’re down there

  13. Assuming that if you go down on us, we’ll go down on you

  14. Not incorporating toys

  15. Assuming that all women you go down on will like the same things

  16. Thinking that oral is just foreplay to the actual intercourse, it’s not

  17. Looking like you don’t want to do it

  18. Not using the tongue at all

How to eat out a girl, make her scream and come back for more

It's simple, really. Just follow these easy steps and you'll have her moaning in no time:

  1. make sure your hands are clean. You don't want to be licking anything dirty!

  2. get your tongue nice and wet. You can do this by licking your lips or running your tongue along the roof of your mouth.

  3. start slow and gentle. Use the tip of your tongue to tease her clitoris. You can also softly suck on her clitoris or flick it with your tongue. As she starts to get aroused, you can increase the speed and pressure.

  4. pay attention to her body language. If she's enjoying what you're doing, she'll likely let you know by moaning or moving her hips. If she starts to tense up or seems like she's not enjoying it, back off and try something different. Everyone is different, so it's important to pay attention to what gets her going.

Finally, don't forget about the rest of her body! Once she's close to orgasm, you can mix things up by focusing on her inner thighs or G-spot and remember, when she's on the brink of orgasm, keep going!

How to enjoy eating a girl out

It can be tricky to know how to enjoy giving a girl oral sex. After all, there's no one right way to do it. However, there are a few tips that can help make the experience more enjoyable for both you and your partner.

First, take your time. Explore her entire body with your hands and mouth before zeroing in on her genitals. This will help her to relax and get her in the mood. Once you start focusing on her clitoris, use a light touch at first. Gradually increase the pressure and speed as she gets more aroused. And don't forget to use your tongue! Licking and sucking can be incredibly pleasurable for her.

Lastly, pay attention to her body language and let her guide you. If she starts making noise or moving her hips, it's a good sign that she's enjoying herself. Follow her lead and you're sure to give her an experience she'll never forget.

How long should you eat a girl out?

The answer, of course, depends on the girl. Some girls require more time than others to reach climax, and some girls simply enjoy longer sessions of oral sex. That said, there are a few general guidelines that can help you determine how long to give a girl oral sex. First, pay attention to her body language and verbal cues. If she's moaning and moving her hips, it's a good sign that she's enjoying herself. Second, start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the length of time as she becomes more aroused. And finally, remember that it's important to focus on quality over quantity. So even if you only give her oral sex for a minute or two, as long as you're giving it your all, she's sure to enjoy herself.

The tips for how to eat a girl out

#1 - Be patient

Be patient. Patience goes a long way when you're trying to get her off, particularly in oral sex! Focus on slow build up (maybe start with body massage or make out session) then pay special attention the Clitoris which many women need stimulation for an orgasm - so try circles moving your tongue up-and down left right... Once found thing works keep doing it until she comes

#2 - Set the foundation right

Make her feel like a goddess. Get ready to make your woman tensed up with anticipation before you even start by telling her how much she means to you and what an incredible lover (or exotic dancer) she has been for the past few months/years! Nowadays, most women are so busy working or chasing after kids that they don't have time for anything else but when we're together it's like no one else matters - let us show them just where their priorities should lie: between our legs.

According to Ngab03 on Reddit:

“The hottest thing you can do is go down on a girl with no expectations in return. First start by mouth to mouth kissing slowly working your way down her body: kiss her neck, chest, tummy, and in between her thighs. Tease her, make her beg - we love the build up. Focus on kissing her inner thighs and right below her belly button - those are her erogenous zones”

#3 - Enjoy her body

Heat things up in other regions first. Don’t just skip right to her lady bits and get down, you want a full body rush of sexual tension before ending your journey there! Kissing is always fun - especially when it leads into passionate make out sessions or neck biting that builds anticipation for what's coming next-then go ahead with direct face contact (or oral), hand wandering etc., but only if they're willing.

According to Kristen McKenzie

“In my experience, I’ve felt that women can be self-conscious when it comes to letting you go down on them (at least in the beginning), so let her know that you aren’t doing her a ‘favour’ and that you’re just as into it as she is. There’s nothing hotter than when you can tell your partner is so ridiculously turned on by what they’re doing to you.”

#4 - It’s coming, but it’s not

I know you want to get down there and start pleasing that woman like the glorious creature she is, but take your time. Really enjoy every moment of this journey by slowly making your way across her body with soft kisses and licks until finally arriving at where all those sweet rewards are waiting for us.

Lauren on The Tab says:

“So besides not hammering away at me, the most important thing you need to understand is that you must continue doing exactly what you started doing when you realised, I was going to climax. For some reason, many of you think switching it up and changing rhythm is good and exciting. It isn’t. It completely ruins whatever you’d successfully built up and now you have to start all over again. Which isn’t fun for me or you”

You definitely don't have anything else going on today so go ahead- indulge in some self-love! But before we end, I just wanted ask: what do think about my idea?

#5 - You know the magic button?

The magic button is her clit. If you don't know where this beast lives, then we've got a lot more problems than just not being able to satisfy your girlfriend with oral sex! Locate the diagram of a woman and find out which part has "clitty" written next: It's important that all players in an intimate relationship are well acquainted with their partner’s special spots so they can give them what makes him/her happy most times - whether its eating out or getting eaten themselves.

If you’ve found her sweet spot, for the love of God, stay there!

Skyler Ryan says:

“Once you find the sweet spot or perfect movement they like, keep doing it. I think many people are afraid that repetition gets boring or that they need to switch it up a lot to prove their skill, but that isn’t true. And when in doubt, use suction!”

#6 - The right flick

Girls love having their clit flicked with the tongue, and that’s because of how it moves back-and-forth repetitively. So if you want to make her go wild (literally), try doing this motion by using your mouth! With just one quick flick each time; she'll be losing herself in pleasure very quickly.

Ally from The Tab says:

“Take it slow, flick your tongue about a bit – gently, it’s not a buzzer you have to bash to get a prize – and vary the pressure a bit. Just don’t go rummaging all over the place and constantly changing the tempo cos that’s distracting and a sure fire way to end it before it even began”

#7 - Apply pressure

You know how sometimes you just need to take things into your own hands and go for what feels good? Well, I’m not talking about sex here – my mouth is literally the best instrument ever. All women deserve respect when we're getting off so don't be shy! Lick up inside of her until she's dripping wet then suck on those swollen lips while flicking between them with long rapid tongue strokes...the power will pour outta ya like hot lava if done right ;)

Clara from The Tab says:

“Here you can vary the pressure and speed at which you lick and kiss it. Go ahead, add a few fingers and don’t forget you can lick in various places. Go down to the actual vagina and tongue fuck it. Have patience my friend and just listen for the change in her breath. The faster it gets, the more she likes it. When she’s coming, don’t stop. There’s nothing worse than someone stopping when it still feels good”

#8 - Use your lips

If you want to make a girl scream, there are many places on your mouth that can do the job. Use them all and she won't be able to resist! Licking is one of those great spots but don’t just leave it at simple licks - try sketching designs in with short quick flicks or placing gentle kisses around her folds before finally ending right above where juices begin seeping out from between tight lips."

#9 - Create the right kind of suction

Speaking of your lips, you can also use them to apply a kind of pressure girls aren’t used to feeling down there—suction! Suck and pull on her clit and watch her go crazy for you.

#10 - Multitask and she’ll love it more!

If you're eating her out, don't forget about the other tools in your arsenal. Use both hands and fingers to stimulate her G-spot while going balls deep on a woman - she'll love it!

#11 - Take a quick break for small, dirty talk!

You know what they say: if you don't ask, then the answer is always no. So stop being afraid of breaking away from your routine and asking her how she likes everything that's happening right now! She should be gasping for air after all this time spent pleasing her so stop worrying about doing it perfect or else risk losing out on an awesome opportunity- make mistakes with us because we're teaching them to our clients every day

#12 - Use your hands

You have hands, don’t just leave them down below! You can use your hands to stimulate her butt or breasts and make sure that she is satisfied in more ways than one.

In order for a woman's body temperature rise significantly after having sex for the first time it takes about 10 - 15 minutes depending on how hot/cold you want it (this also depends if he came inside). This amount of time allows both parties involved enough privacy so as not worry anyone else who may be around at any point during this intimate act between two lovers without their knowledge unless asked directly by either party

#13 - Have you tried something new today?

There are countless positions that you can try to eat her out. Don’t limit yourself to just one spot, because different positions can feel a lot different to her. Try them all out and then hone in on the one that gets the best feedback.

#14 - Go fast or go slow?

Intelligence is intelligence, no matter how you slice it. One way to make sure that your IQ doesn't drop during oral sex? varied tempos! speeding up then slowing down will give a girl's G-Spot orgasms without ever having trouble getting off or staying satisfied with just one position -- try verbally describing what comes next so she knows where all those feelings are coming from ("Mmm...that feels good") before starting etc., et cetera

Ally from The Tab also says:

“Tease her to the point where she’s begging for it, and then you’re getting somewhere. Slow and steady definitely wins the race in this case: washing machine syndrome doesn’t work when you’re kissing someone, and it definitely doesn’t work when you’re going down on someone”

#15 - It’s better than dessert, right?

Girls have insecurities about guys eating them out, and if they don't think you like it- neither will she. The best way to make sure your gf is having fun with this? Make certain that when giving oral sex (or any other aspect for that matter) It's clear how much pleasure AND excitement there are from doing something new together!

#16 - 20 questions about her pussy

If you're not sure what she likes and doesn't, just ask. Don’t be shy! This can done in a really sexy way if you lean close to her while whispering "Tell me what YOU want me do." It puts the ball right back into your court so that when we focus on those things; like eating out any girl like pro--she'll enjoy every minute of it because trust us: no one knows better than herself how much something might turn them on or make their day brighter (or whichever version applies).

#17 - Stay down, just a while longer

She may nudge you to come back up at some point, but instead of coming right away stay down for a while longer. Let her know how much you are enjoying it and don't want the experience to end yet! It will make sure that she feels great about herself because not only does this allow her tongue freedom from worry over whether or not he enjoys eating out his girlfriend's sweet Communistck™-filled holes (which would be awkward), but also means they can get on with other things like chatting excitedly about what happened last night

#18 - Try using sex toys

You know how you can make going down on someone even more exciting? Try using accessories! A sex toy might give them an orgasm fast track. If they're okay with it (you need to ask beforehand), use bullet vibrators or wands that are designed for external stimulation of the clitoris and labia minora in addition touching/licking out flavoured lube so tastes good enough as Thrust adventurous

There’s no better feeling than knowing I've got my partner railway straight because he enjoys our time together.

Olivia from The Tab says:

“You can even bring in a small vibrator to help you along, there's nothing like a little double action. Then the build up should be like a crescendo – increase the pressure and speed. You could try a little side to side tongue motion or even an up and down rhythm. Whatever makes her moan more”

#19 - Try the Kivin method

Have you ever heard of the Kivin Method? It's an oral sex technique that helps women and people with vulvas reach orgasm in just three minutes. We know, it sounds dubious as hell—but there’s no reason not to have fun trying this out!

Real advice from real women

“Do what I call The Zipper technique: Lick from the slit of the vaginal opening up to the clit and then all the way back down. Like you’re zipping up a zipper.”

Jane, 30

“I was once with a guy who, no joke, gnawed on my clit. Like as if he were a human-cheese grater. Never ever do this!”

Gabby, 31

“Don’t forget the vagina! While doing circles on my clit, I love inserting a G-spot wand, too. Then tilt it up to hit the G-spot.”

Shae, 30

“While using a vibrator on the clit, put your forefinger into my anus and the thumb into the vagina. If anal penetration is not your thing, you can just rub around it. It feels f*cking incredible.”

Grace, 26

“When someone is licking my clit the way I like, I usually grab their head and grind my hips into their face for even more pressure. I guess that’s not a tip so much as a sign that I’m really liking what you’re doing down there.”

Brit, 27

“I’ve never liked warming lubes, but popping an ice cube into the vagina before licking the clit is BONKERS.”

Nicki, 37

“Pop a butt plug into her ass before you go down on her. Game-changer.”

Lucy, 29

"Stay consistent. I always have people licking my clit, or labia or whatever and they keep moving around. This doesn’t give me enough time to enjoy anything. If something is working, keep doing it.”

Rosie, 23


Frequently Asked "How To Eat A Girl Out" Questions & Answers

The answers to these questions have been provided by Healthline.

Does the position matter?

Missionary oral is a cunnilingus favorite. If that's not comfortable for your neck, prop up some pillows beneath their hips and have them scoot to an edge or sit on the floor in front of you so there are no strain against any muscles duty-bounding around servicing yourself while being eaten out from behind like some kind'a dirty Geico caveman who just got back into civilization after spending months hunting animals with only his tongue - okay maybe those last two comparisons weren't so great...

But really though: Make sure both parties enjoy themselves!

Clothes or no clothes?

Teasing your partner through their underwear is a hot game. And if you know they are sensitive, lick along the seams from clit to balls for an extra punch of sensation!

Likely though, once consent has been given and clothing removed - go ahead with lightly brushing against skin or nip directly on accident (or intention).

How do you keep your teeth out of the way? In reality, your chompers are less of an issue than you might think. Worried? Lead with your tongue and create a slight casing around your tusks with your lips.

Can you take this into rim job territory? Nowhere is off-limits when it comes to oral sex. So long as you have consent from your partner, there are few limitations on what can be done in between one's butt checks! A rim job might sound daunting but just remember that any part of the body except for private parts (including eyes) may receive stimulation during foreplay before moving onto other things like pregnancy tests or vaccinations—no need fear here though because everything will always remain safe thanks solely due its waterproof design...for now anyway

What do you do with your hands? Whether you're looking to stimulate your partner's nipples, rub up against their back door or hold them down and train into that sweet spot between shoulder blades known colloquially as "the tush" — there are so many ways for two hands can be quite useful when trying out some new sexual techniques!

Should you try penetration? Only if your partner communicates that they’d like you to.

How can you add sex toys into the mix? Whether you hold them, your partner holds them, or you insert them, Sloane says insertable G-spot vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs can all enhance the experience.

How do you know if your partner likes what you’re doing? One of the best ways to know if your partner likes what you're doing is by paying attention. There are tons non-verbal cues that can give an idea as well, like their breathing patterns and how they tilt themselves towards or away from the things being said (or done). If all else fails - trust! They'll let on whether they enjoy herself at whatever it may be."

How do you know if you should keep going? Don't be fooled! If your partner is cheering or pushing against the back of their thighs while yelling "don’t stop," they want you to continue exactly how YOU were going. And BTW: If it's not enjoyable for either party, just say no -- even if this means disappointing someone who may have expectations about what should happen during certain activities in general (or oral sex specifically).

How do you know if your partner wants you to do something else? It can be tough to know when your partner is done with something. The best way, of course, would be if they tell you themselves! However this isn't always an option and in those cases we need other clues as well- like what kind of sexual favors do they want next? Do either parties seem satisfied after performing certain acts (such as giving head)? Is there anything blocking the path forward suchs

A cool down cuddle session or penetrative sex might work wonders just because it gives  partner some time spent together no matter which direction his/her desires go

What about when it’s all said and done? All done? Tell your boo how much you enjoyed going down on them. Also hot: Let them taste themselves on your lips while telling them how much you love their flavor.

Are there any risks involved with cunnilingus? Are there any risks involved with cunnilingus? Good question! Pregnancy is not a risk of oral sex. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), however, can be transmitted through oral-genital contact such as gonorrhea and chlamydia . Your plan of action: Get tested before you go down on your partner; if one or more people has an STI that's unknown to him/her then consider using dental dam which creates barrier between lover what does a vulva look like?

Most vulvas look like a combination of a Rosen and labia, however everyones is different. The lips(labia) can be any number of colors from pale pink to deep burgundy and can be either thick or thin. The clitoris is generally centrally located at the top of the vulva where the labia intersect. It ranges in size from a pea to a boulder and is frequently visible but not always. Above the clitoris is generally the attainment which release during climax. All woman have different looking vaginas because anatomy varies so greatly from person to person. Race, age, diet, child birth, arousal, etc all play factors in how our ladybits look! Some have folds and some are almost smooth. some What do vulvas taste like?

There's no one right answer to this question since everyone's taste buds are different. However, many people say that vulvas have a slightly sweet and musky taste that's a bit like an earthy or grassy flavor. Experiment and see what you think!

What do vulvas smell like?

There's no one answer to this question because every vulva smells different. Some vulvas might have a strong, musky smell, while others might smell sweet or even sour. It really depends on the individual. That said, there are some common themes when it comes to how vulvas smell.

For example, many people report that their vulvas have a sort of "earthy" smell. This is likely due to the fact that the vulva is covered in capillaries and has a high concentration of blood flow, which can give it a slightly metallic scent. Additionally, the vagina contains a lot of bacteria, which can also contribute to its characteristic smell.

Of course, diet and hygiene habits can

Where is the clitoris The clitoris is a small organ located at the top of the vulva, near the junction of the labia minora. It is roughly the size and shape of a pea, and is covered by a fleshy layer called the clitoral hood. The clitoris is highly sensitive to stimulation and plays an important role in sexual arousal and orgasm. Despite its importance, little is known about the development and anatomy of the clitoris due to its largely hidden location. However, recent studies have shed new light on this fascinating organ.

The clitoris is thought to develop from two small swellings that appear on either side of the urethra during early embryonic development. These swellings grow and merge in the middle to form the

How long should you eat out a girl for

It really depends on the girl. Some girls like it for a few minutes, others like it for a few hours. As a general rule of thumb, you should just keep going until she tells you to stop.

Of course, there are other things you can do to make it more pleasurable for her. For example, you can try varying the speed and intensity, using your hands and tongue in different ways, or even incorporating some light bondage into the mix. Just be sure to pay close attention to her reactions and respond accordingly. If she seems to be enjoying something, do more of it. And if she seems to be getting bored or uncomfortable, try something else.

Should you eat of a girl if she is menstruating? There is no reason why you should not give your girl oral sex if she is menstruating. In fact, many women report that they enjoy oral sex more when they are on their period.

Some people might be hesitant to go down on their partner during their period because of the perceived mess, but it's really not that bad. Plus, there are ways to minimize the mess - for example, by using a menstrual cup or by placing a towel underneath her.

So don't let your girl's period stop you from enjoying some good oral sex! She'll thank you for it.